Rhys Allison

writer Tea fanatic cat lover
Rhys Allison is committed to showcasing diverse voices in their literature across genres As a queer trans and disabled person themself they know what it s like to be pushed to the margins Currently a grad student Rhys spends their spare time trying new tea visiting indie book stores trying new things at the farmers market and spending lots of time with their cat Sophie

Tybalt Under Siege

Minimalist golden corner
Minimalist golden corner

art by Raquel Bumgarner @ fiarfli.art

Tybalt s motto has always been Don t disgrace the Capulet name but he s trans and his uncle says that s a disgrace When Mercutio crashes back into his life Tybalt s life unravels Tybalt has to pick up the pieces confront his fears and can t continue hiding who he is even as it might cost him everything When who you are is under attack how do you survive

Human, Monster, Villain

Minimalist golden corner
Minimalist golden corner

art by Raquel Bumgarner @ fiarfli.art

When Soleil s brother is arrested Soleil is forced into the Society s horrific experiments in order to keep hir brother safe Ze must cope with the unnerving changes to hir body and fight back If ze fights back ze will be cast as a villain and terrorist

Upcoming Projects

Lizzie and Darcy

Lizzie is a lesbian in a relationship with Charlotte and has no time for people s bs Darcy is a closeted trans woman enamored with Lizzie and traumatized by Wickham
Oksana sacrifices travellers to Slavic gods for the sake of her fields of grain and the bread she makes from them Then comes the healer Vitaly to the dvoryshche to help them recover Falling in love Oksana struggles to sacrifice the healer to her godss as Vitaly becomes closer to finding out the dark truth of Oksana s bread

Horrors Baked

In Bread

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For enquiries regarding my books, please contact my agent Lane Clarke, lclarke@ultraliterary.com.

For all other enquiries, please email me at rhyspallison@gmail.com or contact me through my social media on the right.